Simply to send the Collective’s greetings on International Workers Day. In Britain the significance of this day has been eroded gradually, whilst, for example, in Turkey and Iran the trade unions are physically¬† prevented from celebrating the history and spirit of the struggle to change society. On May Day 1977, 37 trade unionists were killed in Istanbul’s Taksim Square and efforts by unions in recent years to commemorate that massacre – and to demand justice – have been met by fierce repression.

In these confused and contradictory days, when a mood of passive conformity still seems to prevail, it is all too easy to forget what we owe to those who refused to be cowed in the past. Remembering Rosa Luxemburg’s injunction will stand us in good stead:

‘Those who do not try to move, do not notice their chains.’

In solidarity with all those, who refuse to sit still and quiet.

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